Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Ist road trip of the year and a knitting update.


We had a cheeky night away at the weekend, great day but pretty lousy night for me as unable to sleep lying down properly, the weekend was promptly followed by a trip to the doctors and I'm now  waiting for an appointment with a muscular skeletal consultant !

Anyway, back to the weekend.

This time we travelled up into North Yorkshire to give the van a run out to recharge the batteries. We stayed on a site just outside Knaresborough so we had electric hook up for the heating (very small fan heater, works so much better than the vans heating system)

After arriving at midday we just had time for a quick cuppa before catching the bus into knaresborough. A cold day but not too bad so we had a wander around to see what grabbed our attention.

The obvious one was the painted windows. Many of the older buildings have bricked in windows, I assume this is a result of the window tax many years ago. Several of theses window spaces have been embellished with paintings.

We are always a sucker for blue plaques giving the history of buildings, Knaresborough did not disappoint with this Flax Mill.

Interesting that they use the term heckle where we would these days talk about using a hackle for combing or blending wool.

We then made our way, via several charity shops, to the castle. Amazing views of the town and an obvious place of importance ( details on another plaque.)

The views were pretty good as well, the weir and site of another flax mill

and the viaduct !

A hint of the past was glimpsed through the trees

Old Mother Shipton was waiting for us when we got back into town.

This is one of those amazing sculptures that you can spend ages looking at then suddenly see something new !!

After coffee we headed back to the van for the evening and I actually got some knitting done !

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