Monday, 18 May 2020

Maybe I'm older than I thought I was?

I mean, I'm not old enough to retire, am I?

NO, I'm young enough to explore my options and talents :-) seriously, first day of official  retirement from my job and thanks to the current situation I've already been off work for 8 weeks or so. 

I've lost nearly a stone, feel loads better, moving easier and also found that that things that are important to me don't actually cost much .

The final festival that we have booked for this year was cancelled last night, we have a campsite booked in August which we are hopeful about as its attached to a large country park so plenty of space to walk around.

So, last week, what did I do ?

Lace making.

I'm very nearly at the bottom of the bookmark, I've not been working on this much as I had a fleece delivery that needed my attention.


I know I said that I had to use what I had but another 4 black bags arrived and after sorting very strictly I was left with these. Ian kindly picked them up fresh from the farm costing £2 each ! I don't like buying without seeing but it was worth taking a chance for this price.

Blue face Leicester x swaledale
Balwen x texel

2 x balwen

The two white ones are really nice, the brown ones are iffy but I will get something from them hopefully. Really not bad for the money !

Last weeks spun yarn.

two more ryeland, the coloured one is the balwen/texel
Each skein is 115-120 gm


scones, Scottish oatcakes

Ginger cake, very similar to Lyons in taste and definitely improves after a day or two. Sticky fingers :-)
this is two bunches of flowers, one from my workplace and one from my  manager who retired herself last year, I only have one vase !

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