Monday, 12 October 2020

More restrictions

Its my usual 6am and its very dark outside. Today we will hear what the latest lockdown instructions will be, as the city I live in has the highest infection rate I suspect that our travels will be severely curtailed.

In the meantime I will stitch, make lace and knit so I apologize if this blog is getting a little repetitive and boring for the next few weeks.

I nearly forgot, I bought some more bobbins !!

They are so pretty, also they have some lovely little details such as this one which has a picture of a bee on it and a glass bead in the shape of a bee.

The collection also included a few vintage bobbins, the ones with the metal bands are South bucks bobbins which I think were known as known as jingles or jangles .

                                        The bobbin with the metal disc provided a mystery.

Under a magnifying glass the metal disc was revealed to be a quarter farthing dated 1848 interestingly these were only ever used as currency in Ceylon !

In other lace news, I have set up another sample ready to be worked.

the work on the cross stitch continues, progress is slow but at over 150 stitch per inch it is going to be !


Araignee said...

Your bobbins are beautiful! I had no idea they could be so elaborate. They are real works of art.
I listen to BBC 4 all day and have heard of your new Covid worries. I've been looking at France's numbers since the TdF and it really has exploded there. We are still flat lined here. Nothing is getting better but it's not getting much worse. Schools are still closed but most everything else has opened. Masks have to worn inside and out. We are still in isolation. After it took my sister over 6 weeks to be well and over 3 months to feel normal I DON'T WANT IT. It's a terrible illness.
Stay safe.

Guzzisue said...

You will have heard from radio 4 that the England now has different tiers of restrictions, Wales is in lockdown and Scotland may follow. We are currently in Tier two which means that we can still travel but cannot meet others indoors. The indication is that we will move to tier three soon and at that point I think the travels will stop again although I need to check with the caravan club as recent statements say that you can travel within your local area. In that case, we have a campsite just 11 miles away in acres of parkland.
We are very careful when out but I find that after spending so much time at home, just sitting in the van is a welcome change of scene :-)
Sorry to hear about your sister, it does sound like the effects of this illness are still emerging xx