Monday, 1 October 2007

Beach huts and slot machines

As we are still waiting for the bike to return from France, we decided that it was time to visit the seaside to play the slot machines and find the new beach huts at Mablethorpe. We have spotted 3 so far and will track down the other 2 when we go over to the motorcycle sandracing meet ( the season starts on 14 October)
Anyway, these are the huts we have seen so far.
Great reflections
Gin and tonic anyone?
Old slot machines at one of our favourite arcades
not quite pinball- is pinball going out of fashion? there don't seem to be many around these days. Sometimes I miss the one we used to have in the flat!!
more old machines- Ian tried this one again and again, then declared it to be impossible to win

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Cellostitcher said...

What great photos. Only last weekend I was watching a programme on TV with my husband and it was showing the beach huts. Aren't they great. I love traditional beach huts but you have to admit these are fab. I especially like 'Gin and tonic anyone'.

Hope the wait for the bike isn't too long.