Sunday, 27 April 2008

M C Dwylefunkers Rally

We eventually found the rally site after turning left at the wrong duck pond and having to turn round after some very nice people told us where we should have been. The pub hosting the rally (The Lower Lode Inn)dates from the 15th centuary and has been a family run pub since 1590 and was damaged in the floods of 2007 when the river broke its banks and submerged 2 or 3 bikes that were parked up, one was last seen with just its mirrors sticking out from the flood water and the caravans simply floated and tipped over. It was a quiet, civilized do with around 50 people attending on bikes and trikes, camping on the river bank along with the local geese.
These two sculptures were spotted on the river bank outside the pub.
The pub ( Good food and very good breakfast-thank you)

Aftermath of the 2007 floods

5.30 this morning! nice and peaceful


┼čirket rehberi said...
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hippopip said...

Well you should have called in for a cup of tea,you were nearly on my doorstep.Poor Tewesbury, really suffered in the floods and quite a few people are not back in their homes now. I loved the faces in the tree roots I am off to Malvern soon for the quilt festival soon could you please tell me where they are

hippopip said...

Many thanks for the website i am sorry I did not realise it was part of the challenge, my lips are sealed

Susan said...

Love your recent posts! Thanks for sharing...especially the bobbin lace video. I admire your ability to remember twists and turns, where pins should be placed, and where the pillow has been since last used. All this is fascinating...and let's me know I should never, ever attempt anything so complicated! Brilliant results though! I've also enjoyed your motorcycle trip and the recent challenge. Great stuff! Thanks so much!

Cat said...

Looks like my kind of fun.