Sunday, 27 April 2008

Weekend Away

The weathers getting better so the wee beastie was wheeled out for her first rally of the year ( Ian has been using the BM up till now) Minor problem was that she would not start but with a bit of encouragement in the form of a rubber mallet the problem was solved for the time being but a new starter motor will be needed before we go back to France and Italy.
We headed down to a rally near Tewkesbury taking in four landmarks for the Round Britain Rally which I will be able to show you later in the year once the challenge has finished. in the mean time, here are some pretty houses and a pub snapped on route.

This one is for BBC Radio Four fans, The Old Bull at Inkberrow, better known as the Bull in Ambridge in the long running Radio Four series The Archers.

These rather spooky images come from just outside one of the landmarks at Great Malvern

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Tanguera said...

Those faces in the dirt make me think of Tolkien and his trees of the old forest. Creepy is right.