Wednesday, 7 May 2008


you must all forgive me for becoming slightly addicted to lace making as it has forced sewing onto the back boiler at the moment. There is a reason for it which will be revealed next month. Anyway, here is the latest offering, floral torchon lace but made with a finer thread than recommended so we will See what happens when I take it off the pillow. Hopefully it won't disintegrate but I want to mount it anyway so it should work.

On the bike front, we have found somewhere to hopefully get the starter motor fixed and the club chairman rang at the weekend to make sure we would be there as part of the marquee erecting team on the Thursday so fingers crossed on the weather! ( why do people always ring when you are in the shower?)


neki desu said...

You go girl!Love it!

neki desu

hippopip said...

The lace is lovely,you must have endless patience,glad to hear that the bike is sorted all the best putting up the marquee rather you than me

Fannie said...

I admire your intricate, detailed work. Simply beautiful.

Sharon said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment! And I do solemly promise not to wear those shoes next week, the fact that my feet are actually too fat for them is a moot point! Your lace is beautiful!