Monday, 5 May 2008

The Jungle

(not the cherry blossom, just some nice pink flowers)

Suddenly the cherry blossom has been and gone and our garden is slowly turning into a jungle. Today is a holiday so once the rain has stopped and assuming that the sun comes out, we will be trying to make some sense of the garden. I must admit that I am not a gardening fan, don't particularly enjoy it but it is a necessary evil as when we were house hunting, houses with garages were out of our price range but we were able to buy one with a garden big enough to build a garage (no access wide enough for the car but plenty of room for a bike even with the panniers on)

Meanwhile the good news is that we no longer have motorcycle exhausts cluttering up the main living room. They look so much better on the bike. The bad news on the bike front is that the starter motor for the Guzzi has died so we are hunting for a new one. This may result in us turning up for our own club Rally in a car!!

Yes, these are the most prolific flowers in our garden at the moment!!


Fannie said...

Fun post, Guzzisue. Nice pics. Colorful flowers . . .

Becky said...

Oh my! I guess the dandelions are the most prolific around the world right now. They stand up like little soldiers in our grass. Good luck on the starter motor for the Guzzi.


margaret said...

"A weed is any plant that hasn't learned to grow in neat rows" - or at least that's what they said on Gardener's Question time yesterday!