Sunday, 8 June 2008

Gate to Southwell 2008

Well, this was not quite how we had our weekend planned. The idea had been to rush home home from work on Friday, get changed, hit the motorway and join our friends at a bike rally near Droitwich. The only problem is that no one mentioned this to the bike. She would not start, tried all the normal things, checked spark plus, fuel etc then tried sneaking up and surprising her, talking to her, stroking the tank etc. Alas, she was having none of this.
Friday evening was spent shopping in our local supermarket... aaaahhh

Saturday saw Ian riding over to lincoln on one of the other bikes to beg a spare part from the bike shop. I n the meantime, I headed into town to look at this....
any ideas what this is?

Firstly a quick history lesson
In 1109 the Archbishop of York wrote to each parish in Nottinghamshire asking them to contribute to the building of a new 'Mother Church' the Southwell Minster. The proposal was agreed and each year at Whitsuntide the Mayor of Nottingham and Representatives of every parish would carry their contribution know as the Southwell Pence to the Minster. The procession would travel on foot and horseback with much singing and dancing from the old Market Square in Nottingham.
Records show that Morris men have been associated with this custom since at least 1530 although it died out sometime possibly in the 18th century.
But, it was reinstated in 1981 by the local Morris men, and continues today.

Want to know more? click here for more info on the Gate to Southwell and here for more info on our local Morris side 'Dolphin Morris'.

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Threadspider said...

I love folk music but have always found Morris dancing just too "beyond the limits." However, after seeing your picture of the dog, I am more kindly disposed towards it!