Sunday, 8 June 2008

Last Drop Rally 2008

As I mentioned previously, Ian travelled to Lincoln and scrounged a spare part for the bike, fitted and fettled it eventually worked. Hooray!! we loaded up and dashed to the Last Drop Rally hosted by Saddlesore Rally club and as you can see, it stopped raining at long last. So here are a few photos of various bikes and riders!! showing how to have a good time.

NB. The bike broke down on the way back outside Trent Bridge cricket ground just as the Test Match had finished, found ourselves surrounded by men wearing dresses and men wearing grass skirts. Makes us bikers look quite tame!!


Threadspider said...

Oooohh-shiny chrome and lots of leather. Hope your weekend was great.

mrsnesbitt said...

I use to live outside the very Trnet Bridge cricket Ground...................oh the memories.
Do check out my TT piccies.