Sunday, 29 June 2008

Questions for friends

If you have visited the Stitchin Fingers network, you will notice that each person is able to nominate others as friends. I have listed both fellow bloggers and people I have met through the stitch fingers group.
A useful tool is the ability to sent a message to all friends and I have recently been using this to ask fun questions just to find out a bit more about the. So for anyone who may want to play or just see my answers, read on.

Question 1. what do you do whilst you are stitching, do you listen to music, TV silence? do you match the music to what you are stitching?

I am currently listening to an audio book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the CD in the machine is Aboriginal Beats

Claire of Pinky and Boo has recently posed a question as to what is on your Ipod? why not pop over and have a look and also check out her embroidery from vintage embroidery transfers

Question 2.What is the first thing you can remember stitching? I remember sewing cards which had holes punched round a picture to thread cords through then stitching on felt.

I also remember having a small weaving loom which sort of leads me to the photos in the post. Over the last few years I have bought Spears Weaving Looms at car boots sales and put them to good usehere are looms 1-4 not sure if they ever made a bigger one

this is the one that usually gets the most use, size one, great for small background pieces. ( present sample worked by a friend whilst demonstrating weaving to her young daughter)
This is more my style, weaving with torn fabrics.

I also found this version of the old stitchin cards- does anyone one else remember using cards to practise tying shoe laces?

This arrived in the post yesterday so if I go a bit quiet, this is the reason.


Sequana said...

I've had this workbook for about a month. I just love it. I can work the "lessons" into current projects I have on my worktable.

ACey said...

I love this workbook though I haven't actively manifested a series based on the lessons. But I have been applying bits and pieces to various work in progress. Once I finish the studio journal class, think I'm going to dig in with this one.

Threadspider said...

I'm enjoying the whole social side of stitchin fingers-the questions are a great idea. I'm hoping to spend more time there soon!
The Art Quilt book is on my Amazon wish list-let me know if you enjoy it.

Fannie said...

I can understand you going quiet. Nice!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love the look of those looms, but that book! That looks great. Feel free to be quiet for a while!

Julie said...

I can certainly remember stitching cards and I think I had one of those little looms. What a good idea to look out for them at car boots. I shall have to pay more attention in charity shops too!