Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Felting Fun

This is scary, July already, where is the year goimg? This month I have TIF, TAST revisited and now Stitch a long
to work on. On the biker side of life, we have had to cancel our trip to the Snowman Rally next weekend due to ongoing electrical problems with the Guzzi but have a short trip to Northumberland planned for later this month. We also have a house guest for one week which means finding a home for the junk/stash in our spare bedroom.

So determined to make a head start and taking advantage of Ian being out,I took the opportunity of turning this

into this
and this

Felted silk and wool fibres with a bit of angelina thrown in, ready to be stitched as I owe a couple of ATCs this month as well.
I seem to had a large stash of little bags of colourful fibres picked up a shows without thinking what I would do with them. Does this mean I have some sort of addiction?


Sandra Evertson said...

Wow, so Cool and its so Beautiful, nice soft colors!
Sandra Evertson

Miss 376 said...

Think it is something that happens to all crafters, you see something that will come in useful for something and you buy it! Love the felting, not something I have done up to now, but I've enjoyed see what people have done with it.

Frances said...

lovely felt and a reminder to me of the wool, silk and angelina fibre waiting to be used....mine are minus the pink, blue/green/purples,