Saturday, 20 September 2008

A more serious holiday visit

As Ian plotted a route from Hameln to Heide Park, he noticed that the road would take us near to Bergen-Belsen. I imagine most of you would know the name but here is a link to their site. I'm not going to try and put my feelings into words but will add that the sound of machine gun fire which we assume was from the local nato base or the arnamonts factory made the whole experience even more sombre.
Just three photos, there will be more on my flickr site and Biker Ted will cover this in more detail later this year.
Bergen-Belsen, Germany

Wall Hanging
Made by Antonina Konyakina in Bergen-Belsen circa 1942 . Anotonia Konyakina hung the image of a cat she had embroidered on an old trouser leg over her bunk to symbolically protect her from mice (Reproduction)
Made by Antonia Konyakina in Bergen-Belsen circa 1942
Bergen-Belsen, Germany

Barbed wire and wooden post from the camps original fencing.
Bergen-Belsen, Germany

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Karine said...

I have yet to visit a place like this. I can only imagine the feelings you must have been bombarded with.

(Thanks for the visit to my blog!)