Friday, 12 December 2008

more living forms

desidn, living forms

For this exercise we were encouraged to select a selection of papers and bind them to make a book. This way you never encounter a stark, white page. The picture of tree bark is a combination of photo and painted black and white photocopy.

The most difficult thing about being incapacitated in this manner is learning to slow down and accept help!! I'm taking time out to watch Angel, the buffy the vampire spin off and browse my library of books for a design theme to develope next year.

Surfing and blog reading is filling the gaps even if I do look a bit daft with my arm in the air :-)


JaneO said...

Hi - I am just catching up with some blog reading so only just heard about your arm ouch, ouch, ouch. Still, you have had more snow than we have seen in the last two years! - S Glos specialises in cold drizzle. I am enjoying seeing your C&G work. I have been stitching left-handed all my life and still struggle :-). Bobbin lace is better but I used to go the wrong way around circular edgings and get all confused by the diagrams. Do not attempt to knit left-handed, it isn't worth the stress. Get well soon!

Threadspider said...

I'm pleased to see you sitting up and taking light refreshment in the form of art work and blog reading! Sometimes enforced idleness can be a good thing. Especially on cold days like these.

Julie said...

Lots of inspiring work so far Sue! You are sparking lots of ideas for me. I have a sudden mental image of your raised arm trimmed up like a Christmas tree! sorry, that's cruel, amusing, but cruel!

Karine said...

Buffy the vampire slayer was a favorite of mine. How are the spin offs?
Fun to see a visual history of your art.