Saturday, 13 December 2008

Traditional smocking

we had to explore fabric manipulation so here is a very traditional method that works extremely well with spots-see black sample

very wet and dreary mormimg here, going to stay wrapped up. I had a lovely get well card from a friend at work and as soon as my camera is recharged I will post a photo.

Just a quickie, I saw a patterm for a crochet Christmas Scene here,


Vicky said...

This smocking is absolutely beautiful and definitely on my 'to do' list of things to learn. You're so talented!

Anonymous said...

to day while searching for smocking,,it happened to view ur work,,it is sooo beautiful.i am here to seek ur advises on smocking.will u?

Guzzisue said...

if you would like to e-mail me I can let you know where to find the instructions etc