Tuesday, 17 March 2009

softies in the post

Just checking in with everyone, not really got anything to show due to the healing process but I have had my first physio appointment today and they are really pleased with my progress and I am to use my fingers and hands as much as possible (thank goodness, don't know what I'd say if they told me to stop). I will not be going back to work as soon as I thought but I think I can live with that.

I've been playing with my lace and the bookmark should soon be complete and this parcel arrived yesterday.

todays title is soft folds

lovely undyed wool, gorgeous....and soft.

I've got an itch to do some felting but I will have to use the machine and use rock paintings as a starting point, prompted by an e-mail converation with Karin of Ioftheneedle


Julie said...

Yay! No work yet! Of course, you must be so disappointed. Yeah right! lol You'll be glad you didn't come over here yesterday, I've got a raging cold.

Julie said...

PS That wool is beautiful. I saw it on Today's Title is... gorgeous.


The colours are so fab! These would be perfect for my pebbles!