Saturday, 14 March 2009

TAST revisited, week twenty four

I,ve been having a quiet week as I'm having to get used to using my wrist without the support of the splint which is interesting to say the least. Sadly I will be returning to work soon and that is going to be such a big shock to the system that I may go quiet again for a while :-)

Anyway, a few things to show.

TAST week 24 French Knots

tast revisited week 24, French knots with silk background felted on the embellisher,

made a start on an easy bookmark to keep my fingers moving,

bookmark in progress

Have a good weekend everyone :-)

BTW, we have hot water and shower but no heating as the pump has now died, waiting still for the repairs to the ceiling.


Ati. Norway. said...

Love the atc or is it a postcard? Anyhow it is nice. Like your bobbinlace also very much!

tatt3r said...

I love your bookmark, the colors are gorgeous. I broke my left wrist July '08, and it was Christmas time before I was able to knit with any comfort. Take heart, do your exercises, you'll be better soon!

Julie said...

Your heating problems sound like ours, one thing leads to another..... Hope it's sorted soon. The lace looks very delicate despite your difficulties.

TattingChic said...

Gosh! I hope you are able to get your repairs done for your home soon! It sounds so uncomfortable!

Your bookmark sure is lovely! :)

Maia said...

Your bookmark is really beautiful!
I hope you can recover from a broken wrist and the broken pump.

Helen Suzanne said...

wow you're doing loads! well done with persisting and keeping the hand doing things. Is it still really painful or just restricted?


I admired your piece on flickr - so much work, time and patience needed for this piece, I think!
Best wishes, Carolyn