Saturday, 29 August 2009

Birthday Hawaii Camp

Yes, Ian reached the big 50 and spent the weekend with friends at a pub near Uttoxeter. Much beer was drunk, stories exchanged and reunions took place with friends not seen for a number of years. Looking across the bar on Friday night it became evident that the only long hair these days is on the girls although beards are still popular :-)However there was still a healthy number of motorcycles in the car park.

We camped in a field next to the pub with a couple of unexpected guests who obviously felt that they had been left out. Firstly a small dog who grunted like a pig joined us for some fuss.

ians birthday 025

Then a horse from the adjoining field decided that he preferred our company to that of the other horse.

ians birthday 042

On Saturday I visited the local Churnett Valley Railway with a couple of friends ( Ian preferring to stay around the camp site to welcome visitors) and spent the day riding up and down the small line and sitting in the tearooms to sample tea and cake. Thanks Eric and Rab for your company :-)

My creation

Some (Biker ted) found the celebrations on Saturday night just a bit too much!

ians birthday 037

Sadly, we had to return home on Sunday but have made firm arrangements to meet up again for at least two more birthday celebrations next year.

ians birthday 051

Denny and Frank packed for the journey home.


Sally H said...

Happy Birthday to Ian! Sounds like you had a good time. Hope Biker Ted didn't embarass himself too much!

Julie said...

Happy birthday Ian from me too. Looks like a great weekend.

Pam said...

Great that you've arranged to meet up again with your friends after this wonderful get-together. It is lovely to have a long history with friends, though it seems you made some new four-legged ones! Thank you for you recent email, and Happy Birthday to Ian!

Gina said...

Belated Birthday greetings to Ian.

What a great time you must have had but like you I mourn the passing of long hair on a man

Love and hugs GIna xx


Happy birthday from me too!

bikerted said...

Ian has asked me to pass on his thank yous for his birthday greetings.

I'm sure that I did not embarass myself Sally, That picture just shows me having a quick rest after handing out Birthday Bags to everyone. I did get a little socially confused as the evening wore on.

Karine said...

Happy Birthday to Ian! Glad you had a fun weekend.