Sunday, 9 August 2009

a grand day out part two

After succumbing to temptation at the spinning fair, I made my way down to the Lincolnshire Museum of Rural life. Free admission makes this little gem worth visiting.

lincoln, july 2009 010
As photos are allowed for personal use only, here is a link to their website.

In answer to Sally's' question, yes I did stop for tea, more than once and here is the evidence.
lincoln, july 2009 080

A pot of tea and toasted teacake £1, bargain at the museum!

Next call stop was a Ellis' mill which unfortunately closed but still looked wonderful,

lincoln, july 2009 081

then back down towards the town
lincoln, july 2009 009

where I spotted this Indian street artist

lincoln, july 2009 083

lincoln, july 2009 085
you can see more by the artist Janak Chauhan here and here

I hope you have all enjoyed this short trip as much as I did.


Julie said...

I've never been to the Museum or to the Mill, I shall have to remedy that. The artwork is amazing and not a bad view too! :-) I think I have seen something on tv where children make very simple patterns with coloured powder like this. This is so intricate though.

Frances Arnold said...

I love the Rangoli design. We were in Bangalore last summer and it was amazing to watch the women placing intricate designs in front of their doors EVERY morning. I thought that they were chalk, but discovered they were pouring streams of rice powder to make the designs. As I researched them more, I have decided to use some for quilting designs!!!

bikerted said...

Ha! You only wanted a picture of his bum!

Guzzisue said...

JUlie, maybe we need a day out?

Frances, quilting patterns definately

BikerTed Cheeky! behave yourself :-)

Laura Neal said...

Awesome street painter! Amazing. Beautiful pics, clear skies! Very nice day!

Wanda said...

Wow...what a great place to explore and enjoy. The street painter is awesome. Here in Munich, we get them too but they do disney scenes etc. Don't get me wrong..they are beautiful. But this guy is unique!! Thanks for taking us with you on your was well worth it!

Rome Paul said...
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