Saturday, 28 November 2009

Another week over

I seem to have less and less time to do the things I enjoy, not really sure why. Maybe I am just too disorganised at the moment :-) still I think that I will have to stash bust next year or I will not be able to get through the door. With that in mind I set out this morning intent on getting to the Spinners, Dyers, Weavers Guild,then promptly forgot my good intentions and bought a pack of Indian block printed cotton patchwork squares at our local oxfam shop... no hope for me really especially since I have not unpacked my purchases from Harrogate yet!

On Wednesday nights, as many of you know, I go to Stitched Up to catch up on the gossip and stitch/knit/spin/craft as the mood takes me. Off and on over the last few weeks Laila has been learning bobbin lace using thick colourful threads and we now have a fish and some seaweed which will soon be joined by a fluffy eel.

Laila's Lace

SDW meeting today was busy with at least 4 new spinners having their first go on a wheel. Sally showed off her felted scarf made with dyed roving and the help of a tumble dryer, Sally also bought along her cool blue wheel which I found difficult to use mainly due to the fact that I was wearing hiking boots!!

Sally's Scarf

paint it blue

Peter had been busy dying fibres with kool aid and food colourings, had his first go on a wheel and wowed the ladies with his prowess on a drop spindle.

Pete's dyed fires

I finally finished the scarf, really pleased with this and now want to try knitting my own hand spun.

completed scarf

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you may be doing.


Arty Lady's blog said...

I wish there was a group similar to this one near me. I imagine it's very inspiring and a great deal of fun. regards, Liz.

Laura Neal said...

Very nice work! I spin barefoot. :)

Woolly Bits said...

hm, the dreaded word - stash:)) I am with you, I promised myself not to get anything more - and when we came to the group meeting yesterday, there was a new member, who had brought in bags and bags of the most wonderful remnants of handspun, mostly wool, in gorgeous colours. she wanted to get rid of them - who am I to hinder her house clearing?:)) so some stash moved in with me - again:))

Jacinta said...

Dont worry about the stash, there is always someone worse than you !!
Love the scarf keep on knitting, will wait to see spun and knitted scarf. Regards Jacinta

Wanda said...

Stash doesn't go bad, does it? Don't worry about it! ha ha Love the fact that you have a group that enjoys each others' company and interests and ... well, everything! The blue wheel is really wild!

Julia Moore said...

Love the neck scarf. Is there a pattern? Happy Holidays, Julia