Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Dodgems and Switchbacks

Just over a week ago we were back in Cornwall for a camping weekend with friends. Now we have made this trip at least once a year for the last 12 years and each time we pass the usual landmarks, variable speed limits on the motorway near Birmingham, the willow man which is the largest willow sculpture in the UK, camels (Humphrey and Boo)by the side of the road on the M5 ( just keep your eyes open and you will see them stood in the corner watching the traffic with a big grin on their faces) and a large brown tourist sign for Dingles Steam Village near Launceston. This time we set out to track down the attraction and this is what we found.

Dingle Steam Village 052
Dingle Steam Village 034
Dingle Steam Village 096
Dingle Steam Village 075
Dingle Steam Village 091
We were the only visitors there and got to play on the slot machines and the pinball, clamber round the rides and enjoy the company of the volunteers working there. If you like fairgrounds and are ever in that part of the country then pay them a visit. They are preserving the fairground heritage for future generations and long may they continue to do so.


Sally H said...

Looks fabulous! We found a similar place with lots of steam organs and old record players in Waplode St Catherines. It was some years ago, so don't know if it is still there, but definitely worth a visit if it is.

maggi said...

Lovely to see the old traditions being preserved.

April said...

I'm on the wrong side of "the pond". I really need to be over there. ;)