Sunday, 27 December 2009

a little fibre content

Hi, I hope you all had a good, festive holiday and don't have to to back to work too soon.
Some of you may know that we don't really do the Christmas thing in our house but that doesn't stop us from having the occasional presents and sometimes we will treat ourselves. In the past this has included gifts to each other of earplugs ( to wear under crash helmets) thermal clothing ( again for motorcycling) and this year....shares in a fridge freezer. Yes, the old one stopped working just before Christmas so we welcomed the snow and freezing temperatures so we could keep the milk etc fresh.
We now have a brand spanking new fridge freezer..........and the washing machine is playing up and Ian's computer is on the blink. In fact, if you read Biker Ted Diaries there will be a bit of a lull in posts until everything is up and running again.

Anyway, the scarf is finished athough the colours totally confused my camera so a photo of the finished article will have to be in your imagination :-)

I received a lovely parcel from Bettina of Woolly Bits, containing my first ever stitch markers, some lovely bits to add to my embroidery and some teeswater tops for spinning.

fibre project 463

A secret Santa at the Spinners, dyers, weavers meeting gave me a needle felting kit.

fibre project 467

And I gave myself a book.

Hot off the drop spindle, a mini skein of merino and 'silk' machine embroidery thread.

fibre project 469

Many thanks for dropping by, I now need to do some housework :-(


BumbleVee said...

it's always some darn thing or other with a house and it's furnishings....

we were doing some plumbing on Christmas Eve day.... and actually with that as a practice run, ...decided to plumb in the laundry room sink today...hahaha...we're a couple of renovation nutjobs... but, it is so much cheaper to do it ourselves. A plumber would cost us many hundreds... just buying the bits ourselves..? ..... $52 total for both sinks... plus a faucet for the laundry room ... and doing the work ourselves.... ??free....

Joei Rhode Island said...

Beautiful yarn. May have to look for that old drop spindle.
If you read Jackie's post from a bit ago...the same Gremlin visited her for Christmas. You two been naughty?

Woolly Bits said...

I am still ogling for that book myself... though I have to admit that I spin far more on the wheel than on the spindle. still, one more book won't do any harm?:)) and I feel with you on the household bits - we exchanged practically every household gadget two years ago - and now the computer is doing funny things, too...
have "fun" doing the jobs around the house:))


Laura Neal said...

Very nice goodies. I will be spending my day at the Orthopedic surgeon..exciting, not really. It seems that 2010 wants to start off badly and honestly, I want a good 2010. I need it. :) One good thing, get to spend the day with the hubby. He promised to take me out to lunch. OOH! Have a wonderful new year and your hand spun is simply gorgeous!

Anna said...

Whether it is for you a fantastic year, good 2010 of heart.

April said...

Ah...the holiday happiness! I live there also. :) At least this year I recieved the promise of not having to do it again next year. lol

I hope 2010 brings all you need and want!

peahen said...

I love that yarn sue - I've been experimenting with some merino and silk to achieve a pale golden yarn, and I was pretty pleased with my result - until I saw this - I wish I had your creativity.