Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year


Happy New Year!!

Just curious but how many of us are reaching the same big birthday this year? Not sure how I will be celebrating in a few months time but suspect it will involve tents, muddy fields and motorbikes. So has anyone any grand plans for their 50th birthday this year?

Anyway, quick post as I need to reduce my workroom from this

2010 blog photos

to something I can work in .

Anyone need any fabric:-)


Gina said...

And I thought my room was packed!

Happy New Year to you

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Maia said...

Happy New year, Sue! :)
I'm looking forward to your work!

Textile Art Showcase said...

Happy New Year Sue. Good luck sorting your workspace - mine needs to be sorted too - I keep avoiding getting started as I know it will take me quite a while!!!


I'm only a couple of years behind you! You will have to let me know when your big days is!

We are all on diets over here. It's monsters fault! He came with tales of gorgeous home cooking and baking so I thought I had better get the baking tins out and we all overindulged!

Happy New Year Auntie Guzzie
Love from me, Monster and Custard


ps. Do you want to come over and sort my room out too?

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

50?! Really? I thought you were much younger! I'll be celebrating 58 this year... no motorbikes for me... I have a terrible sense of balance!

Chris Gray said...

I'm one ahead of you....and I sorted my room last year!

Bought a load of 80 ltr storage boxes and sorted out all the cardboard ones.... was getting dreadful because I couldn't remember where anything was and ended up duplicating (..and I already have FAR more than any normal human being could ever need!!)

Have a good year...and enjoy your "new" room when it's done..

x Chris

Stitchety Grub said...

Happy New Year - I tidied my studio up 2 weeks ago - and it's still fairly tidy - won't last much longer though LOL - good luck with your tidying
Britt in Western Australia

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Every birthday I have is a Big One and grateful for each and every one. I'm with you on the studio clean-up; mine has been cleaned-up several times this year and always due to some mishap. Last month it was flooded...twice... and the only time I went into it was to clean or cry. -smile-
Happy New Year
from Thistle Cove Farm

maggi said...

Good luck sorting out your workspace. I left the Big One behind a long time ago unfortunately. Hope yours is a good one.

❦TattingChic said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Not surprised though! I've got a lot of stuff, too! Have fun with that and I'll have fun with mine, too! LOL!

Happy New Year! I'm sure you'll figure out something fabulous to do with your big B-Day coming up! I've got a ways to go before I hit that one, but it always seems like people I hear about hitting that milestone celebrate it with some sort of flair or another!

Threadspider said...

Happy New Year-and enjoy that BIG Birthday later this year. I remember mine....-went up in a balloon.Fab.
Glad someone else needs to tidy up-I can't open the door to my room!

Julie said...

Happy New Year Sue and happy big one when it gets here! I am well past that particular big 'O' and looking at the next one in a couple of years. My workroom is way too cold to go into at the moment but it certainly needs a good sort out too!

peahen said...

Happy New Year to you too, Sue. Make sure you do something different and memorable to mark the big day. x

Kim said...

You are just a babe yet in the cradle... I hit 55 last Monday, and loving every day. Not loving the decrepitude, but oh well. Can you come help organize my room? Everytime I do something I have to shift things. Sigh. But at least I have a dedicated art room!

Wanda said...

Happy New Year~ Hope you got your workroom sorted out. Sort of, anyway. I need my "clutter" I think to work really well. I know where everything is in my hectic sort of way! I'm a year behind...going to do 49 thisyear. We're going to do part of Route 66 in May!

Joei Rhode Island said...

LOL...and I have a basement studio *and* a attic studio that look like that!
Happy New Year to you, too.

Chrissie said...

Oh you youngsters, you know how to party!

Guzzisue said...

thank you for all you kind greetings
Have a great new year everyone !!