Saturday, 20 February 2010

an interesting day

ok, sort of boring title just a little short on snappy captions at this time of night! Strange start to the day as after a night of -C temperatures and a heavy frost, an ice cream van parked up outside our house. Methinks that they were being optimistic!!!

I grabbed Ians runaround bus ticket this afternoon and headed off to town to take some library books back and pop into Knitty Gritty to catch up with the gossip from Lizzi and check out the wool in the shop.

Lizzi is currently encouraging people to knit hearts to be sold as brooches with all proceeds to raise money for the people of Haiti, a simple pattern is available and the brooches are being sold on her stall. Hopefully I will make a few to add to the collection :-)

Lizzi also mentioned that Debbie Bryan had a knitting workshop on this afternoon so I headed over to take a look round her shop. Debbie has been encouraging fellow craft workers to use Lace as in inspiration for their work and her shop offers many examples for sale along side other crafts and framed lace designs ( pen and ink designs drawn for use on lace making machines rather than bobbin lace) Very appropriately, Debbie's Studio is in the Lace Market area on Nottingham

I have been plying two recently spindle spun threads,

2010 blog photos 199

practising my knitting again

2010 blog photos 201

and playing with my laminator, this is throwsters silk waste trapped in the laminated plastic... going to play with this idea a bit more.

silk fibres

oohh, I also found this for £2.29 in a local charity shop!

2010 blog photos 203

Have a great weekend :-)


Monika said...

I love everything in this post. What are you knitting there, and with what yarn. Looks mighty nice! :o) Tha bag is wonderful, I love tote bags. What a nice find! Have a nice weekend!

Dale Anne said...

The yarns look yummy! And, GREAT find with the bag!!
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I have changed things so that my website & blog are all one on WordPress.

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bikerted said...

Are you sure that your third picture is not one that I have taken of our back garden?

Guzzisue said...

biker ted- our garden looks like that in summer- see next post for what it looks like this morning?

maggi said...

That laminated piece is fantastic. Knitting is great and what a find that bag was.

Log Cabin Breaks said...
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