Sunday, 14 February 2010


Please excuse me if this blog seems to be all spinney but the ravelympics are upon us and my personal challenge to see what I can spin on a drop spindle whilst the Olympics are on.
First mystery bag to spin contains a half used silk paper making kit and a bit of merino.

Progress so far

My creation

I have a number of small bags of mixed fibres many of which I bought whilst doing C&G and never got really used up so this is really a bit of a stash buster challenge for me


Sandra said...

you're doing quite well, very nice hand spun yarn.

Jonny York said...
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neki desu said...

absolute yarn porn photos!!!

Weird said...

Ohh, that looks so gorgeous! I really need to mix some fibres soon! Want texture! *drool*

Wanda said...

I can't say I actually understand exactly what you mean but I like the pictures and I love the idea!

peahen said...

Beautiful pictures Sue, you've picked a good ravelympian challenge - good luck with that.