Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I've not disappeared!!

just not been doing too much over the last two weeks, the house and garden have needed our attention although we did get out to listen to some world music (good and bad) a couple of weekends ago.

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Last weekend fellow raveler Wikkidknitter and myself had a fluff day, sorting, washing and carding fleece, dyeing tops and fleece and a spot of bobbin lace (Hubby went away for the weekend to get away from all this fluffiness, his spinning wheels are on his motorbike) We now have Superwash merino tops to start spinning later today and some merino/silk and Shetland waiting in the wings.

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We have been continuing with our spin in public events, in a couple of the bars in town and hopefully later today at the castle. Recent drop spinning in the centre of Nottingham resulted in having photos taken by the tourists :-) the first appearance of a spinning wheel ( Petes) at the Contemporary bar was interesting especially as we were both taking turns to use it. The lovely staff never batted an eyelid and made sure we had chairs, table, pots of tea etc.

I will be back in biker mode soon, a trip to yorkshire is coming up and later in the summer we will head over the channel. The ferry tickets were so cheap this year!! shame about the exchange rate. Yes, I get to unpack the bike, usually as Ian tracks down a drink :-)


Nikos said...

That's a very nice looking machine you have there!

Where on the continent are you planning to visit?

Please tell Ted to hurry up with the aviation stuff, thanks!


Anonymous said...

What a productive day, gorgeous colours.

Guzzisue said...

Hi Nikos, I was abandoned to unpack the bike when the photo was taken, Ian and Ted made a beeline for the bar :-)
not sure where we are heading yet, need to stick a pin in the map!
Ted is typing as fast as his paws will allow, I'm sure the next post will be soon.

bikerted said...

Look again Guzzisue......you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the delay Nikos. It is on its way. Just fighting a headwind at the moment. The turbulance will soon be behind me and the landing strip in sight.

Julie said...

Beautiful dyeing Sue. And a very attractive bike and very sparkling! Have a great trip wherever you get to. Hope the sun shines!

Anonymous said...

Love the bike Sue. Have a great time...oh, and the colours of the dyeing are spectacular!

peahen said...

Nice looking Kiwi, and gorgeous Guzzi too!

Sue Wild said...

What lovely colours, I haven't done dyeing of any sort in a long while. It's getting the time off and the weather to go with it!

Vivian said...

Delicious colours!