Thursday, 20 January 2011

lacey update #2

OK, as mentioned in the previous post, I did go looking for my magnifying glass and found that two of the bobbins were dated 1814 and 1823 and all except two had similar markings on them.

here's the detail on two of them, please excuse my sketches

blog 2011 035

blog 2011 034

My small Book on bobbins describes Honiton lace bobbins as having anchors, ships, fish, diamonds and hearts as decoration. Honiton lace was made in East Devon before being badly hit by a machine lace factory being established at Tiverton. Before 1816 there were 2400 lace makers with the number dropping to around 300 by 1822. The description matches the markings on my bobbins.

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Max the Lobster said...

yes they are DEVON lace bobbins (sometimes called Honiton) it is a very satisfying lace to make!!!