Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday 3 Jan Part Two

OK, here's where I went to earlier today, Nottingham Lace Market which is basically an area that used to house many of the lace manufactures and finishers.Now the buildings are used as offices, colleges, bars and in some cases derelict.

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My friend and myself were heading to a new cafe called Up Cafe that has opened in the building previously used as a lace museum and seemed a fitting place for fellow spinner Pete to have his first bobbin lace lesson. After a quick lesson on the basic stitch and a pot of tea, Pete took on the challenge of a bookmark after I had completed the initial set up for him.

Didn't he do well :-)


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Pete did really well. Very impressive for a first lesson.

Julie said...

Pete had a good teacher! He did do well!

laura_rose said...

Hi Guzziesue, great to see you have dusted off the bobbins...yes you had best keep them out - oh what mine may give for a holiday VBG It is very satisfying as a teacher to see a student go so well...makes it all very worth while!!