Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tues 4 Jan

OK, back to reality!! work calls and its going to be really busy still I can console myself with the fact that its knit night so regardless of how stressed I am, I get to chill with friends later.

This is the last box of Xmas chocolates, when its gone, its gone!!
and on leaving the house this morning I didn't expect this..

Knit group was a small but perfectly formed group of knitters, I had intended to spin but ended up chatting and drinking coffee instead. They all seem to be trying to convince me to knit something big, jumper or cardigan but I think I would struggle to work on that sort of scale. Maybe one day but not for the time being. As for now, I am flicking through some bobbin lace books, looking for a pattern to work simply for the joy of making lace, nothing too difficult but something pretty. I'm also looking for a pattern for my mate ready for his next lesson.

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