Wednesday, 26 January 2011

short and sweet

Hi, knit night tonight was manic, our largest ever turnout of 25 people which is just about the maximum that can fit into the basement room at Lee Rosies cafe. So many new faces, good to see so much interest in knitting especially amongst the younger ones. No photo of knit night or the pub spin that followed although the choice of pub was interesting...don't think they had ever had a group of knitters and spinners in before  especially with the punk/rock music that they play although I sort of felt that I should have been wearing my leather jacket rather than the smart work skirt and top!

Thanks to everyone who is coming up with ideas for using the shop wool, I see I am going to be very busy over the next few week!!

I leave you with a photo of the biscuits I bought today, aren't they sweet?

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Julie said...

The last time we spent an evening in Lee Rosie's it was for my stepson's Indie gig. Love the biscuits!