Sunday, 30 January 2011

Guild day, busy day.

First, can I show off the lovely merino that arrived in the post on Friday from Longdrawjames Isn't it lovely? its probably going to be spun and plied with white and knitted into another shawl.

Saturday was guild day and Jennie Parry was running a workshop on making braids and tassells, there was plenty of inspiration from the many piece of ethnic embroidery that she has collected over the year.

So armed with wool, beads and buttons we started to follow her instructions, occasionally getting into a mess but learning a lot very quickly.

So the hall was split in half, tassel makers with theirs heads down and spinners chatting at the far end.

This unusual Frank Herring wheel also made an appearance although it seems to be missing one or two parts which a member of the guild is trying to trace. As far as I can find out , this wheel was retailed by
  Frank Herring rather than made by them sometime in the 70's

Sally, Pete and myself finished the day going to see Me and Mrs Jones followed by drinks in a local bar.

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