Sunday, 13 February 2011

they've landed!!!!

Wandering through town yesterday and spotted it a spider.....war of the worlds alien?..No It's the big wheel being prepared ready for Light Night on Friday and then remembered that one of my photos had been used on Twitter recently to advertise the event.

I was on my way to the Heart Art event being held to raise funds for British Heart Foundation and being organised by Knit Nottingham and Davenport Shop of Originality. We were asking people to make a donation to either knit a square or chose one that a busy bunch of knitters were making and pin it to a big heart.
 Kate sat in the doorway greeting customers
 passers by intrigued by the wheels being used in the shop window
 These are now known as my spinning trousers!!!
 the heart is filling up
coffee break?
Unfortunately I don't have photos of the knitters downstairs but they will appear on the shop page on face book and the shop blog. The heart is nearly full and we still have to add squares donated at the shop. Guess who has the job of making some sort of sense of it all?

Calling embroiderers, what do you think?  a bit of sparkle needed? For the background I'm thinking of using words as people were encouraged to leave messages on a board giving the reason for the donation so maybe embroidered small heart shapes. Also need to colour the background, and stabilise it...seems ages since I've had my stitch head on!!!

The local paper turned up and took photos...fame at last ? doubt it but it was a fun day.

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bikerted said...

The first photo is the sun falling down and the legs are mere supports.