Sunday, 6 February 2011

playing again, again

Firstly, the lace is finished and will be sent off this week.

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I've been working again on the use the shop yarns idea. As some of you know I don't have room for a full size weaving loom but like to play with children's looms so I dug out the Spears Weaving Loom size 2 (1960's)and a Ball of Mirage yarn.

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Progress is slow but I have enough cloth now to make something (small) and have been looking through the pattern books for ideas :-)

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Now , would you really want to use a childs woven cloth as oven gloves!!!

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Sally H said...

Your lace is stunning. I remember having a loom like that - not sure what size it was though. Love the colours of the wool you are using

Jackie said...

I had that loom, but I don't remember the pattern book..or maybe I do but I'm in denial as my weaving was always extremely wonky and tight in the middle and any of those things were beyond me. I did get one of those distant memory feelings when I saw them, though, and they certainly evoked a feeling of unfulfilled ambition in me!

Jackie said...

I've just had another loom didn't have a very efficient heddle. There was a sort of grooved square section rod which had to be twisted so that the warp settled in the correct groves for each row...impossible.

JaneO said...

My that takes me back. When I was in infants class, we had to weave a square which the teacher made up into a pot holder and my mum used it for years.