Friday, 8 July 2011

The Big Screen and Tour de Fleece day six

Last night we went out together, I know this will come as a shock to people that know us but it does happen sometimes. As usual, the reason for the outing was motorbikes ( somehow spinning just doesn't cut it with him) and we went to see TT3D close to the edge, Brilliant film!!! and the 3 D is used well without the silly special effects often seen in this type of film.

If you are interested in the knid of motorcycling we do and a look at some of Europe's interesting places, have a glance at BikerTed Diaries.

Back to day six of Tour de fleece, I finally finished the first 50gm on the bobbin,

Tour de fleece day six
and had another do at plying some teeswater, this time a lot softer twist, giving a much better result :-)

tour de fleece day six

I'm planning a spin session in  Costa Coffee in Nottingham tomorrow afternoon, have you all have a good weekend x

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