Saturday, 14 July 2012

Having a panic

Its Wikkidknitters first craft fair tomorrow and we are both running round like mad trying to make sure that everything is ready for the big day. Every time either one of us thinks its sorted, a text comes through saying have you got ......
One of Wikkidknitters shawls will be raffled on the stall to raise funds for one of the featured charities and last night I was running round Morrisons knowing that I had seen raffle tickets for sale there somewhere but they were on the top shelf and I kept missing them. Then I had to chose which colour!!!
So I'm taking a few mins to think about calm thought before entering the fray again and to help everyone concerned, here are some pictures taken after the rain last weekend in my Mums beautiful garden.

mum flowers 041

mum flowers 029

mum flowers 026

Have a great weekend and I will let you know how everything went :-)


Julie said...

The flowers are stunningly beautiful and so sculptural too! I'm sure you'll have a great day today and everything will be fine. Enjoy yourselves!

Gail said...

Good luck! The photos are stunning, particularly the rain drops on the flower.

Araignee said...

Good luck!
I envy you the rain. It is dry as a bone here. I've given up on the garden and am thankful I am not a farmer. This summer has been frightful.