Thursday, 19 July 2012

Whatcha knitting?

The question was asked at work when I placed two balls of yarn on the table as I emptied my bag to find my keys. Two balls of acrylic DK yarn that I had just bought from Knit Nottingham whilst dropping off some postal receipts with them, one cream and one black. Now, anyone who knows me will be aware that this is not my usual knitting material as I generally knit with my own hand spun.

So the answer to 'watcha knitting' was 'I'm not going to knit anything with it' Why do people always assume that balls of yarn=knitting, why not crochet or as in my case, weaving?

I have the urge to weave a long band with Celtic knot work on it so the next step is to sort out some new heddles for my inkle loom ( lost the last lot or maybe threw them out by accident)

The next day I turned up at my usual coffee shop before going to work with the loom ( yes, I take weaving to knit club sometimes-rebel that I am) and started to make heddles with pink cotton.

I don't like PINK!!!! says the coffee shop manager, 'it's not for you!!' I reply and enter into a conversation about weaving carpets and learn the Italian word for heddle which I promptly forgot.sorry Franco x

The heddle making continues into lunch break much to the bemusement if the young people that I work with, they have just about got their heads around seeing a spinning wheel in the staff room most Tuesdays but this is something more confusing!

I started to warp up the loom and continued this at knit club ending up with 67 threads which made the design look more like a bar code that anything else :-)

I found a pattern on the Internet although I would like to design my own at some point soon just so I can put my own 'stamp' on it.

This is the progress so far .


Araignee said...

That is just gorgeous!!

deanna7trees said...


Anonymous said...

Be assured thatbifnyounever wandered into any of the local knitting groups in Tampa, Florida,(US) you would not be a rebel! We haul along anything our little heart desires to work on, beads, knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, embroidery, etc. Like your group we are not a guild so we don't feel compelled to stick to one thing. One group meets routinely, every Sunday afternoon, until closing, at a local eatery. Where we often have people wandering over to ask questions, and have acquired a few new members that way. Interestingly when we spin on spindles or wheels, questioning girls want to know what we are making, the boys all want to know how it works. :D

Guzzisue said...

I think they are slowly getting used to us bringing our wheels, the looms have been there a couple of times and wikkidknitter took his beading down last week, I do find that bobbin lace mesmorises them :-) Everyone else generally knits or crochets apart from one other spinner who will always join us with her drop spindle. Must admit that my Tuesdays evenings would not be the same without them xx

Maggi said...

This is really lovely.