Sunday, 30 September 2012

Germany, the Black Forest

I would love to share photos of the black forest, we found some really beautiful roads to ride along but pictures of trees flashing by are simply not interesting,
We decided to stay overnight at Freudenstadt as it looked a reasonable size town on the map although without wifi we couldn't really check it out in detail so we did it the old fashioned way. Ride into a town, look for hotel signs or tourist info office, follow them , get lost, get off the bike, tum it around and try again!!! Usually we look for a small hotel/guesthouse near the town centre with somewhere to park the bike out of sight. The bike may be old but its our only means of getting home !

Freudenstadt, Germany

So when we pulled up outside this hotel, my first thoughts were 'ok, well out of our league here, lets try somewhere else' but then I thought ' we're grown ups now (that always comes as a shock !) lets just see how much for one night'

We stayed to enjoy the luxury for a change, bathrobes and slippers provided, baby grand being played softly in the bar, chandeliers in the dinning room although we did feel a little uncomfortable being welcomed in to look around wearing scuffed black leathers and a days worth of road muck!

Freudenstadt, Germany

Freudenstadt, Germany

The view accross the forest was impressive as was the blue sheep on the gardens on the other side of the road!!
 Freudenstadt, Germany

 Freudenstadt, Germany

We ate in the town, admired the fountains, enjoyed ice creams and earmarked this as a good base for touring round the Forest area in the future as we had to be in Ludwigsburg the next day for the highlight of our holiday.

Freudenstadt, Germany

Freudenstadt, Germany

more soon xx


Araignee said...


Dawn said...

Love the blue sheep!
Looks lovely there in the Black Forest.

Thanks for popping by at Spinspiration, would love to see you join us there to share experience and inspiration.

Dawn x

Janys said...

What bike do you have? We did the trip across from Italy to UK and back in August - long story - stopped off in Colmar area so your pics are familiar (and lovely). Please I found your blog - someone with similar interests to my own!

Guzzisue said...

Hi, the bike is a 1994 Cali 1100 which we have had since it was around 6 month old ( shop demo) and have wandered around on it ever since :-)