Wednesday, 3 October 2012

woolly wednesday


This post may be a bit disorganised as I didn't know about Woolly Wednesday until a few hours ago! So  this is going to be a monthly round up of things woolly and is you check my side bar you will see a link to spinspiration where hopefully several bloggers will join in to share their projects and adventures. Since this is all going to happen on the first Wednesday of the month I have had to delay my post about Ludwigsburg but this may be a good thing as Bikerted is busy uploading some vids of the festival so I will be able to share the sounds as well as the sights with you.

So, what have I been up to? well I did take some knitting to Germany with us, strapped to the back of the bike with a drop spindle and an ukulele :-) Its a simple stocking stitch shawl that mainly shows off the colours of the yarn. The yarn is hand spun merino dyed by Babylonglegs purchased and spun a year or so ago. It had been sitting in my stash bag waiting for me to decide what to do with it!

An Oxford down fleece mysteriously followed me back from guild last weekend and some has now been washed, carded and is sitting ready for me to get one of the wheels out to have a good spin.

 The inkle loom has a super skinny scarf on it, merino/silk blend which may be dyed once finished.

 and the large bag on top of one if my many sewing machines is merino/baby alpaca dropped off by one of my friends at the weekend, she had promised to grab me something nice and soft and certainly did !!
I think that is possibly about it for now so I will leave you with a photo of spinners hard at work :-)

Although I suspect that, judging by the number without owners, that some of the spinners have sneaked off for a coffee!!

TTFN Guzzisue x


Dawn said...

Great post! We welcome anyone warmly to join us, no matter how much we have been doing.

I always love to see pictures of spinners together, everyone looking happy and tranquil.

I really want to get to grips with my inkle loom in the coming months, was hoping to do a project for a Christmas gift but not sure I will make that deadline.

See you next month x

Shearer's Girl said...

Thanks for joining Spinspiration! It is funny how fleeces follow you home, that happens to me too.

Julia said...

Hi there, What a pretty colorway for the sweater. I have a wonderful image of a motorcycle, with an anthropomorphized spindle and ukelele hanging on for dear life.

Claire said...

Love the picture of a spindle and ukelele strapped to the back of a motorcycle!! And what lovely fluff you have to work with!!