Sunday, 21 October 2012

more from Venezianische Messe 2012

Hi, a few more photos and vids. Although it was early September, the temperature was hitting the eighties and I really felt for some of these guys. They were dressed up all day and spent a lot of time posing for the cameras and wearing the masks they couldn't even grab a drink and they do it all for fun.



the entertainment was vary varied from tradional Italian folk to a Zorb act onvolving a lot of fire !


The detail on some of the costumes was amazing and reflected the hours of work put into them.

 This peacock costume even had peacock shoes !!

So I will leave you with a video, this was advertising as a balance act so I had visions of  a tightrope act or the Chinese style balancing chairs on your head sort of thing. Nothing prepared me for this !!

Again thanks to Bikerted for the film.


Araignee said...

Amazing-and your photos of the event are spectacular!

Anonymous said...

Truly AWE-some! I'd say there were thousands of hours, or more, of work, in some of those costumes! Thanks for sharing all the photos and this riveting vid. I think I was holding my breath all the way through that!