Saturday, 20 October 2012

Why, Hello there

Seems ages since I've posted here, well a couple of weeks or so, but I've been under the influence of a virus and simply haven't had the energy to come up with the words and pictures.
I think I left promising pictures of Venezianische Messe 2012 which took place in Ludwigsburg in Germany in September, weekend of venetian style carnival, masks and music. Amazing costumes, many of which were homemade and speaking to local people it became apparent that some visitors actually bring a selection of costumes to change into.
The whole event kicked off on the Friday evening with a procession of over a thousand revellers walking through the streets from the train station to the town square.

We had a good vantage point, the local subway bar was empty and in the 1st floor:-) The crowd made its way into the square and after a prouncment by the local speech, the fun started. The first act to get under way was Teatr na Choduljach, a stilt act from Ukraine.

 Thanks to Bikerted for the video.

More photos and vids to follow, have a great weekend.

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Janys said...

Have you ever managed to visit the Carnival here in Venice? Weather permitting, it can be quite an event, and of course you see a lot of people wandering around in costumes like these in your photos. As you say - the time (and money) these people dedicate to creating their costumes is amazing.