Sunday, 11 November 2012

Framework knitting museum spinning

Yesterday was fun although I had a shaky start but a visit to the local coffee shop helped to put that right.
double whammy on the caffeine !!

So body sorted, I made my way down to the Framework Knitters Museum at Ruddington near Nottingham where Angela from the local guild and myself were due to be giving a spinning demonstration.

This was the sight that met me as a rounded the corner of the alley way, The sky was still a little overcast but the sun did make an apearance later in the day.

framework knitters museum

The large number of window are designed to give as much light as possible to the workshops to enable the workers to perform their work especially when working with fine threads.

framework knitters museum

You can see how tightly packed these huge machines are.

Also on show are squirrel cage swifts and a bobbin winder. Demonstrations of how the machines were used are available and this weekend the museum was open in conjunction with the Nottingham Lace Here Now event.

framework knitters museum

framework knitters museum
 The next photo shows quite clearly that knitting is in fact loops pulled though loops

framework knitters museum
The other building houses a collection of circular knitting machines for making knitting tubes wheich these days become scarves but would have become sock/ hosiery.

framework knitters museum

samples of machine knitted lace were also for sale

framework knitters museum 
as for the spinners......
we made ourselves at home in the cottage with a selection of handspun yarns on show

framework knitters museum

framework knitters museum

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Araignee said...

I wish I could come up with a brilliant comment but my jaw just dropped and all I can think of is wow, just wow....

Guzzisue said...

Its a lovely little museum and a great place to spin, suspect I will spend a few days down there next year :-)

Janys said...

What a fabulous setting for your demonstration. Your photos are super and very informative. I could just see myself turning that super loft into a very nice home - all those windows would probably take a bit of cleaning though! Hope your body behaved for the rest of the day - amazing what a shot of caffeine can do for a girl.

Dawn said...

Love this.

Adding it to my "places to visit" memory bank!