Sunday, 25 November 2012

why do they do it?

Why do they start Christmas so early??? I've always felt that the beginning of December is the earliest time to start with the Christmas lights, markets, nights out but is seems to creep in earlier each year or maybe I'm just a Christmas bah humbug. Maybe I should mention at this point that we do not 'do ' Christmas as such. just a present for very close family, no Christmas decorations, tree or meal. It suits us to have some time together and some time with our niece and nephew on Boxing Day when we can often be found watching motorcycles somewhere in a field or on the beach.

Before I seem a complete and utter Scrooge I will point out that I did go down to the Christmas Market on the evening the lights were switched on although I left a little before the actual event. These days we appear to have a craft/gift fair rather than the German fair that seems to be so popular with a few funfair rides in the market square.

At this point I will mention that there is a stall called Handmade Nottingham although I failed to get a photo of the stall, please have a look at the link as these lovely people make wonderful gifts :-)

I did notice that two days later a couple of the food concessions had reduced their prices along with the stall selling the pashmina shawls so I have my fingers crossed for  the Handmade Nottingham  guys as they compete with the stalls selling imported felted/knitted goods etc.

I hope to grab some photos of Handmade Nottingham over the next few days.


Susan D said...

No you aren't a Christmas bah humbug.... I totally agree with you. I am so sick of all the tv ads that it takes any pleasure out of the celebrations.

Guzzisue said...

we don't do the TV bit so fortunately miss out on some of the hype but having spent years seeing the financial problems it causes for some people and the amount of wasted food etc really put us both off so we decided to do it our own way x

Janys said...

In our family, Christmas has been 'brought forward' to some extent because of my commitments with schools and a local non-profit organization. Just a question of getting various things ready in time and has little to do with shopping. But another reason for anticipating thoughts of Christmas is the fact that I live outside the UK where most of my relatives are, and if I do want to get off a small gift to them, I have to play hide-and-seek with the Italian postal system - and they usually win and hide everything until Christmas is well past! Foodwise, we are simple souls with reduced appetites - and like one of the other commenters here - hate to see waste, so never go to excessive lengths to have an overload of 'Christmas' food - and our pleasures are simple too, so just to get together with a few friends or members of the family to chinwag is the best entertainment we could ask for.