Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bargain of the week

I'm just popping by to show off my bargain. I own 50% of a ball winder with Wikkidknitter owning the other part but we have to decide in advance who is going to take custody of the poor thing! So when we spotted another one for £5.00 we jumped on it. Now I have the red one and he has the blue one hehe.
It's old and a bit battered but it works so that's good enough for me, in fact I've been putting it to good use emptying some of my spinning wheel bobbins of half forgotten projects. I have 20 bobbins somewhere in this house so this is roundup time.


Amanda said...

Lol!! Simple things!!! I only mentioned to a friend of mine last week I had a swift and winder. She was so excited to know I had one!! I have a feeling I may be busy soon.

Araignee said...

Nothing makes me happier than winding balls of handspun. It's just too bad I can't knit them up as fast as I can wind them!