Friday, 4 January 2013

Bobbin lace #1

I hadn't realised just how rusty I was at the whole making lace thing. Firstly, the lace threads that I had chosen were far too thick ( there was no label so I took a gamble on it) since I reach the fan section the threads were all crowded and lying almost on top of each other.
So back to the drawing board or rather the thread box.

So I found this which was an unlabelled skein of thread in a bag with a full 50gm skein of Retors D'Alsace DMC No 80, all 4930  yards of it. I have no idea how old these thread are or whether they are still usable even just for sampling patterns. The thickness looks a little like brok 120 ish? My plan is to see whether it can survive being wound off on my swift onto my ancient ball winder without breaking!

In the end it broke a couple of times when the thread got stuck and I was too engrossed in what was in the computer at the time so I'm going to risk it for samples but prob not for a special project.
 The thread is may be too thin for the pattern,my working of it is very uneven, my placing of the pins inaccurate so more practise needed.

Never mind, onto the next pattern, not sure if it will be from this book or a quick torchon bookmark just to get the memory back in the fingers.

and I rediscovered a bobbin that is very appropriate since this is the museum I now spin at, I bought this at a lace exhibition there in 2006


Sophie said...

Do you prick your pattern before putting it on the pillow? It would help you placing pins in the right position.

Dawn said...

From an inexperienced eye it looks great, and I love the link with the bobbin and the museum you now spin at.

Guzzisue said...

I tried to cheat and use a photocopy like I used to but completely forgot that I used to print direct onto card!! what an idiot! The thread is nice but shows up the odd inacuracy on the pricking so will look for simething slightly thicker. Don't really want to end up enlarging the pricking and using much thicker thread.
I'm just really out of practise at this but should soon get back in the swing of it.

Anniefb said...

Hey Sue! My daughter Laura just told me about your blog. Been oooohing and aaahing at your lovely pics. Very insprational!