Thursday, 3 January 2013

back to bobbin lace basics

I said in a previous post that I wanted to play with bobbin lace again but felt that I needed to master the basics or at least remind myself of the basics.So I picked a book off the shelf...........

I've just realised that this book dates back to 1985!!! dread to think how old some of my other lace books are as I have a habit of buying them 2nd hand whenever I see one I haven't got. There are more lace patterns sat on the shelf than I will ever use in my lifetime!
I found some thread, I have quite a stash of lace threads from people who have given up or have relatives that used to make lace.
and a few bobbins from when I first started lace making. The problem is that I have forgotten little bits and techniques over the last few years as I have been concentrating on other things. Still here we go.....see you all on the other side of lesson one!!

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Dawn said...

I shall enjoy watching your lacemaking. My Mom took up lace making just over 2 years ago when I bought a large lot of bobbins, pillow, patterns, threads from the Guild sales table from someone's mother who had passed away. My Mom had expressed she'd love to try lacemaking so I jumped at the opportunity to pick these up for her to try it out. She loves it, and recently thanked me again for buying these for her as she said she probably would never have just started up on her own. She has a lovely local to her group to go to, has made new friends there and increased her stash.