Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Woolly Wednesday

And a Happy New Year to one and all.

Any woolly resolutions??  I have thought about trying to keep a record of how much I spin and how much fibre I buy !! have now realised just how scary that may be  :-)

Anyway, first up on my round up of things woolly since last time is this. Yes, I finished the fingerless mitts for my friend just before the really cold weather set in before Christmas.

I  bought about 120gm of sari waste from a friend at guild ( unwanted and unloved)

So I now have some sari yarn to play with on my small loom at some point.

The last of the Jacob singles..........this means I have spun my first whole fleece ! whoo whoo!! I've also managed a skein of Shetland and skein of what may be the last of the polworth, not sure until I do a stock take of my stash.

On the needles.....not a lot, on the wheel at the moment it is back to the oxford fleece and I'm on bobbin 3 since Christmas due to having treated myself to some wool combs two weeks ago and being desperate to play with them.

 After a major hunt around my workroom I've managed to most of my bobbins and empty off any scraps of spinning so I'm now all set for the next month.

 I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year xx


Dawn said...

So satisfying to spin a whole fleece.
The sari yarn looks lovely and will add to a project so nicely.

Enjoy your combs, looks like they are working hard for you already, and I love the bobbin photo - makes one think of all the wonderful things you can fill them with x

Araignee said...

Happy New Year! As always, you are an inspiration. As soon as I am over this nasty cold, I'm digging out some fleece and getting out the wheels. Here's to a 2013 filled with fiber fun!