Thursday, 7 February 2013

Long ago, north of the border...

This is a blog post that I meant to write about three years ago but must have got distracted. Last time we were in Scotland we revisited the Isle of Skye which used to be a regular holiday destination for us. Every time we had visited in the past we had driven or ridden past the Skye Museum of Island Life but had ignored it and carried on. This time we decided to stop and explore..

It was a misty morning that was making everything damp and wet

The cottages were almost hidden from view and a little bit spooky

They contained the usual tourist artifacts and unlife like dummies
But they also contained there........I was a very newbie spinner..........I wanted to take it all home!!

Hubby had to tear me away, back into the misty landscape

Strange how I'd forgotten about many of these photos, will probably share more over the next few weeks xx


Araignee said...

What a gorgeous place. The fact that you found woolly making things makes it perfect.

Guzzisue said...

Hi Araignee, had a feeling that you may like the photos of scotland x