Monday, 2 September 2013

Posh cars !!

Over the Bank Holiday we went to Papplewick Pumping Station for an hour or so to catch up with the gossip and the Rolls Royce club had turned up to display their cars.

Some how, to me the Spirit of Ecstasy looks a little more like a demon close up, what do you think ?

and I do like the little brush in between the headlights to keep them clean :-)

As usual, I was fascinated by what was under the bonnet.

Meanwhile, out on the lake, a man was trying to feed the ducks.........

 ......without success............we knew they were radio controlled !!

 like the submarines

and the boats.

The pumping station itself was busy with visitors from other preservation societies

Magnificent machinery

still coal fired.

Thanks goodness for spell check otherwise the whole world would have though that this was something totally words were pimping station!!

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Araignee said...

There would probably be a lot of interesting things to see at a pimping station too!