Thursday, 3 October 2013

Back Up North Part One

Firstly I must apologise for being so quiet!! After a very busy period at work we took a couple of week off to relax and take stock of things. My lack of mobility prevented us from jumping on the bike and crossing over to France so we made a few phones calls and managed to rent a cottage for a week and arrange b&b for a couple of days or so in Scotland.

So we packed our bags, one ukulele and a spinning wheel and took the scenic route through the Yorkshire Dales, into Scotland and turned left heading towards PortPatrick. The reason for heading there? the man himself had seen it on Facebook!!


A pretty little place with a harbour and a very good pub for food , The Crown which we would both recommend.


The weather was a little damp and on the first night we only just made it back to the B&B before it started to rain heavily.

We took a drive down to Logan Fish Pond the next day as we had visited very briefly a few years ago as part of the Round Britain Rally and we spent nearly three hours talking to the lovely Ruth about the fish and eventually Ian gave her a ukulele lesson in return.

Logan Fish Pond

An evening stroll back at Portpatrick found the Lifeboat in the Harbour.


A seagull posing for a photo


And the tide racing in through a small archway.


More about our trip in Part Two xx


Wyesue said...

Do you know we have moved to Scotland ? And we only live 5/10 minutes from Portpatrick ....

If only I'd have known I would have come and seen you, or you could have come and stopped here, and hubby could have practiced his uke


Araignee said...

Looks like heaven!

Guzzisue said...

I didn't realised that you had moved!We will be back in the area at some pont as we have friends in Ayr so may have to look you up :-) x Portpatrick was a lovely place inspite of the very wet weather for the couple of days when we were there.

Guzzisue said...

Araignee..every time we go up to Scotland, we fall in love with it a bit more esp Isle of Skye..more about that in a future post x