Monday, 9 June 2014

Gate to Southwell 2014

So what have I been up to ?

Well! Yesterday I headed into Nottingham early to catch the start of the Gate to Southwell which is a procession of morris sides from Nottingham to Southwell stopping at a few hostelries on the way. At Southwell they present monies to the  church and have a short service complete with dancing. A better account of this can be found here, and the short story is that for various reasons this year is the last time this event will happen.
As we have followed the dancers in the past and know one or two of them, we decided that I would attend the start of the day and we would both show our support at the final procession up to Southwell Minster.

I'm trying to post this from a local coffee shop so if some of the links are a bit strange, I apologise.

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